Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 2.72kgs (6lb)


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It’s time to get SERIOUS about muscle gain with SERIOUS MASS.

For the ectomorphs out there who just can’t eat enough. Serious Mass is an advanced weight gainer packed with quality calories, energy-providing carbs, muscle-supporting protein and other nutrients to build both strength and mass.

  • With 1250 Calories per serving, it’s impossible not to get enough calories.
  • A whopping 50 grams of protein (Whey & Casein) and 250 grams of carbs helps build muscle and gives you usable energy throughout the day.
  • Serious Mass rounds out the formula with a few bonus ingredients – Creatine & Glutamine stand out. Both play a major role in the entire mass gaining process.
  • Sugar is a non-issue, so don’t worry about unwanted body fat gain.

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